Believing in yourself – Developing Positive Self-Talk

Believing in yourself – Developing Positive Self-Talk

You can be your own support system. No, I haven’t gone mad! The most important person to seek encouragement from is you. Believing in you and encouraging yourself is not being conceded or narcissistic.

What would an encouraging, supportive person say to another person?

"Go ahead. Give it a try. You have the skills to do this.
You deserve this (fill in the blank)! You’re doing great!
You’re almost there! Don’t give up! You did a great job!"

You will be surprised at how effective this can be! Try next time you are striving for a goal instead of saying “I can’t” say “I can!” or “I will at least try…” I have posted articles on affirmations before. Here are some that I use or recommend….

•	I take care of myself
•	I deserve to enjoy time to myself
•	I am worthy and capable
•	I believe in myself
•	I know I can do it

What have you done to develop your own positive self-talk? 

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