Developing a Better Body Image

Making subtle changes in your thought patterns can really help you improve how you feel about yourself and your body. Even making the slightest change in your diet like I did can make you feel even better. I have completely switched to drinking diet sodas and every morning before I would go to the bus to go to my classes at college. I would grab a donut or 2 at the local grocery store. I havenít done this I almost 2 months and I feel good about myself every morning when I can hold my head up and walk past that donut case!

Have you looked in the mirror lately? Go look in the mirror right now and appreciate what your body can do. Not only can most of us walk flawlessly in high heels, but also we have been given the best gift in the world; a womanís body was built to have babies. Isnít that wonderful? We are truly special creatures! Then after we give births to those miracles, our bodies can balance that baby on one hip, cradle the phone between a shoulder and an ear, and stir whatever is in the pot cooking for dinner.

Use your body in a productive way. Walk to a lonely elderly ladyís home and have lunch or coffee with her. Plant a garden and tend it. Use your body to do volunteer work.

Find a new hobby to try. Painting, even if your work looks like a childís, can be very relaxing. Do something with your hands so you will appreciate them and your mind.

When you are looking at the TV or magazine with the 20 something model who weighs as much as a fettuccini noodle, remind yourself of the torture she must go through to look the way she does. Is it really worth starving you or bingeing and purging to look like that? Do research on the net about anorexia and bulimia. There are some scary facts and stories about what people do to themselves to be skinny and the effects these lifestyles have on the body and mind.

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