Are you Appearance Obsessed?

Many people are obsessed with their personal appearance and many donít even realize it! You may become so obsessed they you donít take time each week to do anything to nurture yourself.

For 1 week, I challenge you. For 1 week, be aware of all of your appearance related activities you do and for how long. Example, you go get your hair don, you read fashion magazines or a diet book, how long does it take you to get ready in the morning, you exercise with what it will do for your body not your health on your mind.

Then on another sheet of paper, keep track of self-nurturing activities you do. Such as taking a relaxing bath, read a good book (other than diet books or books to improve your appearance!), going for a nature walk, or coming here to my site to see whatís going on this week ^smile^

Now some activities can go on both lists, it just depends on why you are doing it. If you go shopping for clothes that you need is self-nurturing. If you go clothes shopping just to go clothes shopping then that goes on the appearance list.

At the end of the week, compare these lists. Which sheet had more items? These lists should be balanced or the nurturing list should be slightly longer. Scan your appearance list for things you can cut out doing so much and think of activities you can add to your nurturing list.

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