What is Body Image?

What is body image?
- How you perceive your physical appearance
- How you feel about your appearance
- How you feel about your body
- How you think others see you

Even though it is easier said then done, it is very important for a woman to have a positive and healthy mental attitude for a woman’s happiness and well being.

The way you feel about your body right now was probably shaped from many factors your parents, role models, and friends the way they expressed how they felt about their own bodies has an influence on us. Your body image was formed from the positive and negative things you experienced while observing their own behaviors and what they say/said.

You may now be wondering how you can change your perception of your own body. A poor body image can lead to emotional distress, low self-esteem, dieting, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. Of course, the way we feel about ourselves changes constantly. But when you feel those negatives thoughts coming into your mind, you can train your mind to chase them away. I wrote and article before mentioning positive affirmations and there is a thread in the forums.

Eating healthier and getting just a little more exercise can make you feel better about yourself. Imagine how proud of yourself you will feel if you pass up that piece of cake for a piece of fruit or a handful of veggies? Even small changes in your diet and exercise will make you feel better about yourself no matter what size you are.

Make a change in yourself. Get a new haircut, splurge on that outfit you have been eyeing at the mall, or even finding others who are struggling with the same issues that you are can be a big boost. Who knows, maybe you will inspire someone else!

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