Groping the sky,
And tearing it's wings.
Feeling love beside me,
Falling out of reality.
How I kiss your tender lips,
And you kiss mine back.
Sometimes I want to feel you;
Sometimes I want to kill you.
Is that love?
Loving your breath upon my breats,
Yet wanting it to end!
Love with envy in my bones?
I don't believe so,
But as hate begins to fade,
I feel you in my heart,
Losing touchh with my soul,
Realize inner peace.
-copyright 2001
Silent Pain

Lonely tears
Slipping down my cheek
Silently falling
To the page below
Leaving it scarred with
Memories and feelings
Scolding tears
Burning the pure whiteness
The first marks in a blank book.

Shadows reach past me
Through my barriers,
Beyond my defense.
Drawing their fingers
Across the page
Smudging my tears
Tracing a tell tale line of sorrow
Where joy might have been
But with each passing second
The marks fade
Leaving the world unaware
Of my pain
-copyright 1990

How Hard Can It Be

Look me in the eyes
And tell me you love me.
How hard can it be?
Hold my hand
And tell me how beautiful I am.
How hard can it be?
Get down on one knee
And say we will always be one.
How hard can it be?
We can have the moon and stars
Only if we work together.
How hard can it be?
Love can't be a one way street.
One person can only give so much.
The storm clouds rise in the distance.
The thunder speaks to me.
Time to move on,
Time for me to be me.
How hard can it be?

-copyright 2002

My Soul's Pain

The barrier around my soul
Will never be let down again.
Repairing the holes is taking to long.
Can I ever be the same again?
Jagged teeth took huge chunks,
Sharp claws tore holes.
The man in the shadows
Says I deserve this punishment.
Pain feels so natural to me.
Always expecting it.
Spent my life bracing myself.
Deeper and deeper I go
With no one to save me now.
The more I live like this,
The more I want to give into the darkness.
-copyright 2002


I'm finally free;
Free from you.
No longer will you bring me down.
No longer will you make me hurt.

I've learned to let go.
I've learned to move on my way.
The chains that bound us
Are forever severed.

You need to move on now.
You need to straighten up.
I'm happy now.
Free from you.
Free from your grip

-copyright 2005

Dragon Slayer
I drew my sword
Preparing to slay the dragon before me
I encountered many wounds
The battle was hard
Long, painful
I surrender my sword today
Excepting defeat
Giving up what was rightfully mine
Sometimes you have to except defeat
And let the ones you love the most
Take a different path
The dragon raises its wings
Let's out a howl of victory
Basking in its triumph
I raise my head,
Tear escape my eyes,
Blood spills from my wounds,
Remember my life as I wish it would have been
My heartaches for my love,
My heartbreaks for my love,
A piece of my heart leaves
In my loves soul
A piece no one  will ever be able to replace
Unless my love finds the truth in her own heart
And comes back to fill that hole.
You won, oh wretched creature of air and fire!
I scream at the dragon
Before drawing my last breath
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